Monday, November 14, 2005

Happy birthday Emma!

It was the first birthday for Emma. Rachel and Ross wanted to celebrate this unique moment. They invited Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, Joey and Ross’s parents. Monica and Chandler had already planned a romantic weekend but Rachel tried to convince them and she succeeded. But they were not very happy. When everybody was there, they believed that they could see Emma, but she was sleeping. During this time, Joey, who forgot to buy a gift, saw Phoebe prepare a song for Emma and he had the idea to do something like that. He decided to read a storybook. When Ross opened the cake box that Rachel bought, he saw it was an erotic happy birthday cake! Rachel went to the store to exchange the cake. Before she started, she asked everybody to stay at the apartment, but everybody tried to go out and Ross tried to convince them. Ross received a call, it was Rachel, the car broke and he had to go pick her up. He put Joey in charge for nobody go out. But Joey also received a call for an audition and he went out and finally everybody except Monica and Chandler went out. But just before Rachel and Ross arrived, Emma woke up and Phoebe and Joey came back. Finally Emma had a real first birthday.

I’m Rachel, I wanted for Emma, the best first birthday. I wanted everybody there, around Emma and her cake. But nobody wanted to be there except maybe Ross’s parents. I convinced everybody, and the day was coming I was very excited. But everything went wrong. Monica and Chandler quibbled to go out. The cake that I bought was an erotic cake; there was a penis on the cake with the picture of Emma. While I went to exchange the cake, everybody left. I was so furious and disappointed. But when I arrived at home, everybody came back, all around Emma and this was fabulous.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Bad blind date(5 questions)

Monday, October 10

1. Why did Phoebe and Joey have a blind date for Rachel and Ross?
A: Phoebe and Joey did terrible blind date for Rachel and Ross because they wanted to meet someone and they asked Phoebe and Joey to meet good people but their friends had another idea. They wanted to get Rachel and Ross back together.

2. Why didn't the girl who was supposed to meet Ross come?
A: The girl didn’t come because Joey cancelled with her because Phoebe and him found that she was good for Ross and they wanted the blind date to be terrible.

3. Why did the waiter at the restaurant offer some good free food to Ross?
A: He offered some free food because the other waiters and him made a bet for the moment that Ross would leave the restaurant alone.

4. What happened when Monica and Chandler left their bedroom?
A: They didn’t find Emma, Rachel’s baby. Monica called Rachel and Chandler went out of the apartment and finally found Emma wit Joey.

5. Why, at the end of the episode, did Rachel and Ross run after Phoebe and Joey?
A: Because they realized that they had a terrible evening because Phoebe and Joey arranged their blind date for them to come back together.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Waiting baby

Wednesday, September 21

In this episode, Rachel waited for her baby in the hospital’s room. Ross was waiting with her when his mother arrived in the room and took him outside. She wanted Ross to marry Rachel, but he tried to tell her that they are not together. At this moment, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey were waiting in the waiting room. Monica told a joke to Chandler when she told him that she wanted a baby but he said okay and that started a quarrel because she didn’t really want a baby! But later in the episode, Chandler was watching babies when Monica arrived and surprised him. And they finished by wanting a baby, but now! Phoebe met a guy in front of the elevator and she didn’t have the time to get to know him. She asked Joey to help herfind this guy. Joey pretended he was a doctor and asked the man about his life.

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Monday, September 12, 2005

My TV Show! Friends!

I choose Friends show because it's very funny. The language is not too hard for people who have some difficulty in English. Friends is not a new show but it’s a popular comedy program. It talks about six friends and their relationships. Rachel, Ross, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe and Monica go over many funny situations. At each episode, there is a different plot and there are also more than one stories at the same time. For example, while Rachel lives good moments with Joey, There is a war between Monica and Chandler! It is not necessary to have seen the previous episodes to understand this entire one. Sometimes there are some links but you finish by understanding anyway.
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